Dr. Mzukisi Qobo is formerly Chief Director: Trade Policy at the Department of Trade and Industry. He was responsible for research and policy at the International Trade Division of the DTI, and he drafted the current South African trade policy and strategy framework.

Mzukisi is co-author of The Fall of the ANC: What Next? Published by Picador Africa

He offers insights to corporates and other organisations on the theme of leadership, covering Transformational Leadership; Africa’s Rise and Global…

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He has worked with clients in the mining industry and the financial services sector

He offers advice on regulation and stakeholder engagement; as well as on reputational leadership. His recent benchmark study…

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Mzukisi Qobo is an expert on political risk and international business sectors

Previously, he worked at the Department of Trade and Industry where he was chief director responsible for developing South Africa’s…

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Mzukisi is one of South Africa’s most recognised thought leaders, an analyst, author, and keynote speaker.

Thought Leader

Leadership, Emerging Economies, and Global Change.

An Analyst

Political Risk, Investment Climate, Government-Business relationship.


The Fall of the ANC: What Next?” and currently writing a book on “The New Contours of Transformational Leadership in South Africa”.

Keynote Speaker

Transformational Leadership, South Africa’s Political Trends, and Africa Rise: Myths and Realities.

Dr. Mzukisi Qobo is formerly Chief Director

Trade Policy at the Department of Trade and Industry.

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